Welcome Authors!

I am so glad you stopped by!

First, I’d like to tell you a little about me…

I am an experienced author’s assistant, beta reader and an avid consumer of literature, which are some of the reasons why I am so interested in authors and the books they’ve worked so hard to create. Although I recently graduated from University with a MS in School Counseling, I am currently an Office Assistant at a state park, in addition to a Virtual Author’s Assistant.  You might say that I have a lot of experience as an assistant, which makes me uniquely qualified to meet your needs.

My first adventure as an Author’s Assistant…

Three years ago, in collaboration with author, Janeal Falor, I joined her Virtual Assistant business and formed Janeal & Sarah, Author Services.  It was a whole new experience, different from anything I’d ever been a part of before – and it was so much fun helping to create our business and working with various indie authors.  From the beginning, I knew it was something that I would enjoy doing – helping the type of authors I’ve grown to respect.

Unfortunately, life got in the way for both Janeal and I, so we had to put the business on hold for a little while.

My new adventure…

Under the new name, Books Over Sleep, I’m back and ready to help authors do what they do best – write!  Unfortunately, Janeal couldn’t join me on this adventure,  which is bittersweet because Janeal is awesome, but I’m so excited to hopefully work with you!

As a Virtual Author’s Assistant, I offer the following services:

-Idea Bouncing
-Beta Reading *if interested in this service, please fill out my Beta Reading Request form.
-Reviewer Contacting
-Running Contests & Giveaways
-Marketing Materials
-Requesting Marketing Ads
-Website Design

If you are interested in any of my services, please fill out my Author’s Needs form.

Please email me at: sarahjeancanning(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions or you can use the contact form below:

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