"I’ve found so much value in hiring Sarah as my virtual assistant. She is highly professional, organized, productive, responsive, and forthright. I’ve yet to send her a task she hasn’t thrown herself in 100%, nor waited more than a few hours to hear back whenever I’ve asked her questions. She has even replied to my emails when I didn’t realize she was on vacation—I had to tell her to ignore me until she got back.

When I reached out I didn’t know what to expect, but what I found has changed the way I go about everything in regards to marketing my books. My favorite example of this was relinquishing the time consuming process of reaching out to reviewers. Having a 3rdparty—specifically, someone not directly related to yourself as an author—creates a much more professional channel for approaching reviews. When Sarah contacts a blog or reviewer on your behalf, her inquiry doesn’t come off like the other 30 review requests that have pop into that their inbox that day. The VA acting as an intermediary changes the discussion from one of you the author asking a stranger for a favor, to one more like a PR rep who has been given permission by the publisher to contact the reviewer and give them the “opportunity” of reviewing your novel.

Last, having a VA take over the administration and/or communications portions of the business left me with a lot more free time to spend writing, interacting with fans, or planning my next marketing endeavor." 

-T. Ellery Hodges, Author of The Chronicles of Johnathan Tibbs series

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