5 Stars Review – Rumpelstiltskin (Timeless Fairy Tales Book 4) by K.M. Shea

23761088I really do love the way K.M. Shea writes, especially her take on the classic fairy tales we all grew up listening to, or watching on television.

This specific book is about a girl named Gemma who is an exceptionally talented seamstress. Others in the village of Verglas are skeptical of her talent however, and one night her father, the town drunk, brags to those skeptics that Gemma can turn straw into gold. The crazy King Torgen is informed of this and requests that she do just that, or else forfeit her life and the life of her father. A craftmage, Rumpelstiltskin (Stil), learns of this and begins to help Gemma turn flax into gold in exchange for various objects.

Throughout the book, Stil begins to fall in love with Gemma, and will do whatever he can to protect her from the fate that awaits her.

My most favorite part of this story was the romantic element. I am definitely a sucker for romance, and this book delivered in such a way that was believable and clean. You won’t read about that instantaneous love, which is really nice, nor will you read about anything happening in the bedroom.

Although I like books with romantic elements, this book had more than just a romance between Gemma and Stil. We really learn a lot about the type of person Gemma is throughout this book, and we can’t really help but like her. She is smart, kind, and a whole lot of other positive traits.

It is also nice that K.M. Shea weaves the mention of other fairytale characters into this story, as a way to show the connection to each story in her little universe.

There is no cliffhanger in this book, and it is most definitely a HEA. Suitable for Young Adults, as well as Adults who are in the mood for a whimsical story with a kick-ass main character.

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