5 Stars Review – Love and Decay (Love and Decay 1 #1-12) by Rachel Higginson

18596633Every 19167968once in a while, I’ll read a book based on the Zombie apocalypse.  I can’t help it, I am a fan of The Walking Dead (even still), and I have read Warm Bodies and every zombie book by Carrie Ryan.

Love and Decay is pretty much just as good – maybe even better than every Zombie book I’ve read so far and I’ve read 15 (Goodreads told me so).

Although it is obvious by the title that Love and Decay is a love story – it’s not just that.  It is the story of a courageous young woman, Reagan, who must make it through the Zombie apocalypse alive.  She and a slew of other characters battle some scary zombies and even scarier humans, making us ask the question, “What if this actually happened to me?”  They also find themselves in some hairy situations – and do not escape them un-scarred.

Rachel Higginson is a talented writer, who pretty much had me hooked from the beginning.  She describes awesome fight scenes, complex characters, and a love story unlike any I have read so far.  Her description of Reagan’s varying inner turmoils is fantastic – and help to remind us that we’re imperfect creatures.

If you are looking for a story that mixes humor (there was plenty of that), romance (this season was pretty PG-13, but Reagan’s love-life unraveled organically and was not always the primary focus of the story), action (Reagan and her companions do kick some Zombie and human butt often), psychology (we learn a lot about Reagan’s mind, which makes us think about how we would act and react to certain situations), with Zombies; you should give this series a shot.

Side note:

I purchased the first volume of this book (with 336 pages) for FREE on Amazon and once I was done with it, I purchased the next volume of Season One (with 375 pages) for $3.99.

I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the complete Second Season (with 735 pages) for $6.99.  Completely worth it.

& I am sure I’ll be getting season three as well 🙂

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