5 Stars Review – Here’s to Falling by Christine Zolendz


So, I love Christine Zolendz.  She could probably write about the theory of Quantum Physics, and I would be captivated.   She’s just that good with words.

Whether it’s writing about Angels, or two people who find each other in the darkest of times – she rocks my socks off with her writing.

Poetic and heart-wrenching, Here’s to Falling made me fall in love with the amazing story being told, and all over again with the author telling this story.

The best advice I can give you regarding this book is to have some tissues handy during a few points in this story – and although the synopsis is vague, believe that this story is worth reading.

We begin our story with a 24 year-old Charlie reminiscing about her childhood.  We learn that she loves her best friend, Joey and, while she does not live in the most nurturing environment, she survives because she has Joey and the love he returns to her.

Then a new boy, Jase, moves in next door and…He. Is. Trouble.  He is also the love of Charlie’s life.

Throughout the story, we are moved back and forth – from the present, to the past.  Ordinarily, this would really annoy me because I tend to enjoy reading about things occurring currently, but the swap back and forth was just so relevant and important to the story, that is was not annoying for me at all.  I loved learning about Charlie’s life as a child, as an adolescent, and eventually into adulthood.

We learn about Charlie’s past, slowly and naturally.  We discover why she is the way she is – what has shaped her into the woman she has to be.  What trials she has faced and how she made it out alive.  You’ll cry because her story is not always a pretty one, and your heart will inevitable break for her circumstances.  But you will continue reading because you are so captivated by her story, you’ll want to know how everything turns out for her.

The realities in this story are harsh, but need to be told nonetheless.  They need to be understood for what they are and recognized as truths.  Harsh and ugly truths.

We live.  We love.  We lose.  Repeat.

I once watched the whole series of Six Feet Under and the last episode gutted me because it reminded me of my own mortality.  This book will do this for you and that’s why you need to read it.

You’ll also smile, too, because the love in this story is pretty epic.  It is truly beautiful.

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