5 Stars Review – Sparrow Man (Sparrow Man #1) by M.R. Pritchard

22755378When I originally picked this book from a list of FREE books from some mailing list, I thought I was going to be reading another book about the “Zombie Apocalypse” and I was perfectly okay with that – because Zombies are kickass. I didn’t expect this book to blow me away, nor did I expect it to keep me up until 5:30 AM because I just had to finish it
But it did.

I can’t tell you much about what happens in the book, really, because that would be giving too much away, which would be a disservice to you because, trust me, you want to be in the dark about this book.

I loved the characters of Meg and Sparrow and was really surprised by who each of the characters really was. I loved the world and character-building just as much as the surprises that came with reading more of the book.

If you don’t like reading about rape, you may not like this book – but if you do read this book, you’ll realize that M.R.’s description of it isn’t really graphic at all; it’s just heartbreaking. The inclusion of rape just makes us feel more involved in Meg’s story, where we feel more connected to her because of her pain and loss.

If you don’t like swearing, just be aware that there is a fare share of that in this book; Meg has a very filthy mouth.

If you aren’t too thrilled about sex-scenes, this book doesn’t really delve into a lot of details where that is concerned. M.R. Pritchard kind of leaves that part up to the reader (for the most part).

I don’t really have anything negative to say about this book, especially because the main things I felt while reading this book were: loss, love, surprise, anger, happiness, sympathy, and this list just kind of goes on.

My thought is that: any book that can deliver such a wide range of emotions within such a short time is well worth the time spent on reading it. The whole point of living is to experience emotions and embrace them.

Well done M.R. Pritchard.

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