5 Stars Review – New World Order (Sunset Rising #3) by S.M. McEachern

23463467New World Order begins where World’s Collide leaves off:

(**If you haven’t read World’s Collide yet, don’t read this review**)

At the end of World’s Collide, Jack and Sunny have just been attacked by an unknown group of people, Jack is taken and Sunny has learned she is expecting a child. In the midst of this joyous news, she also must combat with her heartache over losing Jack – but we all know Sunny isn’t a quitter.

Throughout this book you’ll see the journey Sunny takes to find Jack; you’ll see the group Jack has found himself kidnapped by; you’ll also discover things about other supporting characters that may surprise you.

There were many times my heart beat faster because the action and description of events was phenomenal. I found myself engrossed in the story and the unraveling of events often surprised me (which is an excellent quality to have in a story).

Overall, Susan did a great job with this story and I could tell that she spend a lot of time developing and nurturing the storyline. If you’ve already read Sunset Rising 1 & 2, adding this to your reading list is absolutely recommended!

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