Learning New Things – GIF Creation & Book Cover Creation

I’ve been trying to expand my horizons by trying new things. Namely, new things involving graphic design. I decided I would try to make a GIF and an e-book cover – just to see some of the many things I am capable of doing using Photoshop CS6.


Janeal & Sarah, Author Services

I recently approached a young adult author, Janeal Falor, about a new business she began called, “JetFASt”. I originally asked her if she had any need for an employee because I was looking for a job at the time, but she said that she was actually looking for a partner. I said I could be that for her. The past few days have been quite busy, trying to get organized and creating some marketing materials, like logos and banners for our website. It has been so much fun and it feels good to have something to work towards! Here are some of the designs I came up with for our new business venture! Of course, we went through a lot of designs before we decided on a “keeper”, but that is the best way to go.


Banner 4

Banner 5



Psychology Club Logo


I created this for the Psychology Club at Farmingdale State College. Done with Photoshop CS6.

Today We Buried My Grandfather – 12/11/13

He is now part of the Earth.
Forever in my families hearts.
He awaits rebirth.
I imagine his soul mate,
Intertwined with his heart,
Living another life together,
Never again to part.

He emerges from the womb,
In California or somewhere near,
Making his way in life,
As an engineer.
He meets a woman at the age of twenty-four,
With dark hair and a beautiful smile,
Who steals his breath from across the room,
And they stare at each other for a while.

His heart beating wildly in his chest,
He asks her to dance,
And she says, “yes.”

He leads her to the dance floor,
As the music plays.
And they sway.
His cheek pressed to hers,
He holds her closely.

As the music moves them,
No one else exists.
He doesn’t even know her name.
He wants to remedy this.

He asks her name,
As the band serinades them.
He is nervous,
As butterflies flutter in his abdomen.

She opens her mouth,
To tell him her name,
Her heart beats wildly,
Just the same.

She looks in his eyes,
To tell him the truth,
She opens her mouth,
And whispers, “Ruth.”

I love you, Grandpa.

Photoshopping it Up!

I love Adobe Photoshop.  LOVE.  IT.  Here are some of the things I’ve done with photos.



IMG_1941 2

Aleksa WTFIMG_1988 2IMG_1912 2