5 Stars Review – Cold-Blooded Beautiful (Beautiful #2) by Christine Zolendz

20272153If you read Brutally Beautiful and loved it like I did, you most certainly must read this book. Christine is such a vivid writer, painting pictures with her daring and emotional words. She is not just a writer, but a realistic describer of pleasure and pain, which are both a part of life.

Through her words, she describes heartache and emotion, difficult for most people to process, and even more difficult for them to accept. Samantha is fierce, loving, and tough – a realistic main character, who any female can look up to. Kade is misunderstood, protective, and passionate – a man who has been through hell and back and lived to tell his tale. Both wrapped in a love so absolutely moving, my heart leaped for them in the most perfect way.

I think Christine could write the script for a cereal commercial and I would sit, enraptured by the story, absorbing every word she writes.

Her writing is just that lovely.

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