5 Stars Review – Brutally Beautiful (Beautiful #1) by Christine Zolendz

20271650I just finished reading Brutally Beautiful and I just have to stand up and clap my hands for Christine. I can see she has a lot of people doing that exact thing, by the amount of people who absolutely loved this read and I’m not surprised by this.

I am a 25 year old, who is studying to be a school psychologist. I am very particular about what I read, and can be hard to please. I can be critical, but always honest, when it comes to my thought/feelings about books I’ve read.

I have read a lot of books, by a lot of authors. Some of those authors, like Christine, show the reader their commitment to providing readers with an experience, worthy of the reader’s precious time.

Authors do this by spending time writing; perfecting the story-grammatical errors are minimal, thus; there are minimal distractions from the story.

Authors also do this by bringing to life, a unique story. A story filled with human emotion and human experiences. At times, sad; at times, bitterly heartbreaking. All human emotion is worthy of expression-even the ones we would rather not have occasion to express. But love is the most precious emotion; most necessary and most worthy of expression. It can come in many forms – a most basic, and most difficult to share in writing; sex. We shy away from it in writing, and are embarrassed to share it with others; but it is essential to expressing love. While some other authors rush through these scenes, which is shown in their writing; Christine expresses these scenes beautifully (a hard feat).

I loved the Mad World series, but there was just something so realistic about this book, which makes me love it more. Gun violence is all too real, especially now, and its role in regards to this book, is one of the many things that makes this read so beautiful. Abusive relationships are also far too real, but her depiction of the struggle of Samantha’s past was executed beautifully. Those are both topics not everyone has the guts to write about, but Christine Zolendz seem to possess those guts – in spades.

I am glad I downloaded this book, as it will be an addition to an unfortunately short list of other books, that touched my heart and left me with more knowledge of the human condition.

It’s hard to find a gem like Christine.

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