4 Stars Review – Magic Unbound (Fae Unbound #1) by Jill Nojack

18880684This story is a fairly quick and wholesome read, which is a really nice change from the books I typically spend my time reading.

I enjoyed the Fae aspect, which is something I really like to read about and it even had a smidgen of love mixed in, which is something I really, really like to read about.

The imagery was really beautiful and it was easy to get lost in the words, especially when the Fae realm and the landscapes were described. A clear picture was painted, which is very important because that is all readers can use to help their imagination flourish.

It was really nicely written and I really believe I would have given this book five stars if:

1) There was a little more of the love aspect involved (there was some, but it seemed somewhat rushed, which is fine because that wasn’t the entire point of the story).

2) It wasn’t so YA (obviously, this can’t be avoided because this book is YA, but because YA isn’t my absolute favorite genre, I found fault with that aspect of the book).

I would definitely recommend this book to YA’s 13 to 17, but if you’re young at heart, this book is likely just what you’re looking for.

*I will definitely be adding the next two books in the series to my TBR list.

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